Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Libation of the Month: Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur

Name: Bourbon Liqueur

Brand: Jeremiah Weed

Place of Purchase: HyVee Liquors West, Ames, Iowa


Country/Region of Origin: Kentucky, USA

Tasting Conditions: Straight up in a shot glass.

Price in Iowa: $17.99

Description: A slightly viscous golden, like a light schnapps.

Flavor: Sweet, woody, but this stuff is 100 proof. It has a medicinal finish.

Mouth-feel: Smooth, with a bite from the alcohol.

Aroma: It's definitely bourbon.

Notes: Supposedly, at least according to Wikipedia and the Jeremiah Weed website, this is the favored drink of air force pilots, submarine sailors, horseback riders and fishermen. So, I had to try it. The first shot had a flash of sweet, followed by the burn of rotgut whiskey. According to legend, Jeremiah Weed is made from the dregs of whiskey barrels. I believe that myth. After my first shot, I moved onto mixers. I just used 7-Up for starters. It gave the drink a really foamy head, like Sloe Gin or Southern Comfort. Which was nice. Mixers smoothed out the bite significantly. I also tried Tonic Water and Pepsi. 7-Up and Tonic mixes both had the foam, Pepsi did not. I'm not a big fan of schnapps. I like some liqueurs (Irish Cream & Chambord, for example), but I usually avoid the sweet stuff. I might buy this stuff again. Especially if I'm going to be doing some jet fighting or horseback riding.

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